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Planning and consulting

ELAB is a leader in the production of invisible audio systems that blend seamlessly into your indoor environment, for a harmonious design of complete invisibility and impeccable sound distribution. Headquartered in Grottaferrata, in the province of Rome, the company is a product of Marco and Alberto Di Lorenzo's passion for audio. Now, with forty years of experience and outstanding products, the company has become a go-to destination for professionalism, service and transparency in the world of sound engineering. ELAB's mission is to turn the desires of the most demanding customers into reality by designing sound systems and loudspeakers with invisible design and optimal spatial sound distribution.
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Advanced listening solutions

ELAB produces the only truly invisible flat panel speakers that, after being installed on wall and / or ceiling wire, are painted with a water washable paint. It can also be covered with paper and / or wallpaper. ELAB's audio / video technicians are constantly in touch with all the latest trends in order to offer innovative products, with the specific objective of optimal spatial integration with the environment and paying particular attention to ease of use. ELAB offers built-in speakers, wall-mounted speakers and many other design options. Made in Italy: find out more, discover our products and experience perfect sound!

Audio systems for government buildings and office buildings

Speakers and wall and floor cases, hi-fi audio systems, home theater audio / video solutions, audio design, invisible loudspeakers, paintable loudspeakers: ELAB designs and installs wall and floor loudspeakers for both private homes as well as government buildings and office buildings. All the advice you need to realize the best possible audio system for your indoor spaces!

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