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ELAB's invisible speakers integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment while ensuring effective sound distribution. The Grottaferrata company offers consulting and design of Multiroom Home Theater systems and sound distribution systems for large spaces in, among other places, shopping malls, public spaces, schools, cinemas and theaters. On this page you will find a selection of pictures taken during some installations we have done.

Country House.
Sound meets light.

installazione pannelli sonori
Light, a fundamental element, enhances the surrounding environment by providing added value to the furnishings. Our invisible speakers contribute to this combination by not altering the interior design. ELAB meets Light

October 2017
Luxury House

installazione pannelli sonori
In the final phase of this wonderful home in southern Italy ... we are installing our completely invisible speakers that will create a unique musical experience. The multi-room system consists of 1 main zone Dolby 5.1 + 5 zones stereo 4 made up of 11 ELAB AI64MX speakers .... ELAB custom made ... Invisible sound.
installazione pannelli sonori

September 2017
MISCELE Hair Bar - Roma

Un'installazione fuori dal comune...MISCELE HAIR BAR ha scelto i nostri diffusori per un esperienza musicale unica. Infatti, non potendo incassare a soffitto i trasduttori sonori si è deciso di agganciarli ad una rete metallica, diventando complementi di arredo molto particolari per una soluzione dal design impeccabile. Il sistema audio stereo è composto da 2 ELAB AI64MX versione Black,pilotati da un finale di potenza AMC + sub attivo DTechnology; il tutto controllato da un App per la gestione dei contenuti musicali provenienti dalla rete...risultato estetico-sonoro eccellente.

Le porte di Miscele Hair Bar saranno aperte dall'ora di pranzo fino al dopo cena e vi accoglieranno in un contesto fuori dall'esperienza comune...
Potrete fare una messa in piega mentre sorseggiate un aperitivo oppure sperimentare un nuovo taglio mentre vi godete un classico film romantico su uno dei numerosi schermi installati all'interno del locale. Vi regalerete ore di vero divertimento e relax, coniugando i piaceri della moda, del look e dell'happy hour......ELAB SOUNDS GOOD.

An unusual installation ... MISCELE HAIR BAR has chosen our speakers for their unique music experience. The ceiling transducers can in fact not be hooked to the ceiling. Instead they decided to hook them to a metal mesh, creating a very special furnishing complement to a flawless design solution. The stereo audio system consists of 2 ELAB AI64MX version Black speakers, powered by an AMC + active DTechnology sub-woofer; all controlled by an App for managing music content from the network ... excellent aesthetic-sound result.

The doors of Miscele Hair Bar are open from lunch to after dinner, welcoming you in a setting that is anything but normal.
Have a bite while sipping an aperitif or experimenting with a new haircut, as you enjoy a classic romantic movie on one of the many screens installed inside the venue. Hours of fun and relaxation, combining the pleasures of fashion and happy hours ...... ELAB SOUNDS GOOD.

installazione pannelli sonori

June 2017
Supreme Sound Chooses Elab

Supreme sound, name and fact
Our reseller in Turin makes us part of their "Work in Progress" area. ELAB AI64MX speakers that you cannot see.
Mounting phase.
ELAB sounds good
locandina convegno risparmio energetico

March 2017

ELAB is delighted to present its invisible sound systems at the SONEPAR ITALIA energy saving conference.
Our staff will be available to advise on aesthetic audio solutions for interior design at the SONEPAR showroom in Via di Settebagni, 475 - Rome - Friday, March 31 at 9.00.
articolo di giornale dedicato a Elab

September 2016
Breaking news

Two of the the top 10 winners selected by HC Home Comfort & Design magazine  have been made with our invisible Elab AI64MX speakers.
Proud to have contributed to the success of our ALS and INTAC partners.
ELAB: Custom made invisible sound.
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June 2016
Home Theatre

incasso per schermo
schermo incorporato nella parete

March 2016
High fashion chooses ELAB

Already used for broadcasting sound from some of the most important Italian exhibits in our showroom, our loudspeakers have once again been selected for an exclusive London store.
modelle sfilano in passerella
copertina magazine HC

March 2016
They say of ELAB ...

Space created in 2500 sqm multiroom. With ELAB anything is possible!
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Invisible multiroom speakers

March 2016
ELAB in Europe

A new partner in Germany has chosen to promote our products.
More news soon.
copertina system integrator magazine

April 2015
Invisible entertainment

An article by System Integrator Magazine in April 2015 does an excellent job of explaining what ELAB has to offer when it comes to sound systems for restaurants, bars, or hotels. "Traditional cooking and the search for high quality products at the right price. ELAB speakers offer a mix of tradition and modernity that is also reflected in the food coming out of the kitchen." Read the full article!
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system integrator magazine

July 2015
The ideal loudspeaker

An article in the July 2015 edition of System Integrator Magazine recognizes the features of our sound diffusion capabilities. "The ideal speaker is the one that sounds good, but at the same time manages to have a minimal impact on its surrounding decor."
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copertina system integrator magazine

About us
System Integrator Magazine

A Home Comfort & Design article clearly explains the function of the technology offered by ELAB.
"A prestigious apartment, completely restored, is also the perfect location for an automation and audio and video entertainment system."
Find out more HC55
scheda tecnica subwoofer

News 2015
Subwoofer Invisible Series AI64SW

120 WATT - 8 OHM - 90 dB@1W1M
Dim. 60 x 44 Cm.

Mingiox specializes in the realization of home automation. It now opens its showroom to our audio systems.
The showroom is located in Milano at Via Pacini, 67 - Mingiox

ELAB meets nature:
not just invisible .... the greenhouse installation

Detachable, suspended ELAB AI64MX speaker. ELAB's built-in loudspeakers integrate perfectly with any type of ambient sound without affecting its primary characteristics.
In the pictures here we see the perfect example. Here, our client wanted a neutral sound element that would not compromise the structure of his greenhouse. We made our speakers visible by trying to create an aesthetic blend. We matched the shapes to the greenery.
The aesthetic result was excellent, as was the sound, with 360 degree sound diffusion.

Call ELAB to get all the information you need for the perfect sound solution in your home or work environment!

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