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ELAB's goal is to create a superior audio system that integrates into the surrounding environment. ELAB's technicians rely on invisible transducers for each of their product designs, to produce truly flat panel speakers that blend in perfectly with the wall.
After installation, the ways in which to make the speakers invisible are endless and specific for every need you may have. Options include washable paints, wallpaper and light fabrics of any color. We ensure true and perfect aesthetic integration with the environment. Invisibility and impeccable sound guaranteed!

AI64 Series: Maximum efficiency and design

These are basic speakers for architects and interior designers. The AI64 model does not alter the décor of the environment where it is installed. It also delivers cutting edge sound and technology, transforming the wishes of the most demanding customers into reality.
Data sheet DATA SHEET AI64

Series AI66: ceiling diffuser module 60x60cm

The AI66 speakers are specially designed for 60x60 cm panels suspended from ceilings. These sound diffusion systems are designed for 360 degree audio quality without altering existing design and furnishings. Multipurpose audio systems suitable for both home and business.
Data sheet DATA SHEET AI66

Series AI64SW: subwoofer

The AI64SW subwoofer is the latest ELAB branded product. It uses a radiant panel of the same size as the AI64: the difference between the two is that in the subwoofer this panel has been redesigned to change the density so as to get the lower frequencies replayed and avoid reproducing full-range audio range below 100 Hz.
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Series AI43: Small room diffuser

ELAB's "small" meets requirements for small environments such as small bathrooms, corridors, service rooms, and other spaces. View the technical details: guaranteed performance!
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